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Dear Amiri,
Hope your journey to "far places" went well. Where'd you go, dude? I /be/ well, and working here in the mts — not being Moses, I'm satisfied just to get some words/down on paper. No, fellow, I'm not "doing all that toasting" and I don't know if my book will be "literary" — all I know is I'm taking back the Authority for our Oral Tradition that's been mainly stolen/exploited [by] the white boy "folklorists," beginning with Roger Abrams -- actually before him. Dig, "they" get their Authority by maintaining that Folklore only exist in the past [note on side reads: thereby any relevant social and political implications] — 30–40 years ago—"they are collectors"--ME, I main-tain that folklore existed in the past and that it exist now; As a "Toasteller" I'm saying, and assuming /my/ Authority, by the practicing of the Poetry right now, street corners, jails, clubs, churchs, lodges, campuses—where/ever Black Folks talk. Therefore, the Black Folklore that's going/on/right now has social and political relevance.
[Another note on side] 
Run Jesse Run!
Wild beast stalk your steps!
O grab Our Sword of Allah!
Dig, I wanna include your poem on "The Dozens" and that piece H. Rap (?) Brown ran/down. It's in an anthology but for the life of me, I can't remember which/one.
Will be in NYC-Sept 7-9th - Can we hook/up/for a minute? -(OVER)

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