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I am a Tree, My Lovers Fly to and From Me:
She appeared, soaring out of the sunset

of San Francisco, leaving Hayakawa and his cops.

She brought smiles and flutters, black babies

and a white dog who would eat no bones

I was a boy then, non born and bred among

bricks and bars. I was a boy then, and I trembled

Before her beauty, and her might. I felt fright

and I bent and shook and leaned and would not

stand still. And she flew away. Zoom.


She came, zooming outta New York with the sun

in her hair. Her smiles were white teeth. Her breast

were plums in my mouth. We ride south thru the night.

Her thighs were warm and soft like summer,

and our love was thick and spilled like milk

Under the Missouri sky. There was water and laughter

and friends bringing gifts. I was a man then, but

still afraid, and stones began to grow in our bed.

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