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Letter from Tacuma Abdul Halim Ta’Zya, Western Penitentiary, 1989

Knight received this letter from a Western Penitentiary inmate named ‘Tacuma Abdul Halim Ta’Zya.’ The writer explains that he chose the name for himself after years of self-discovery behind prison walls. Ta’Zya describes himself as an aspiring writer looking for guidance and resources from Knight. I think this letter represents an incredibly beautiful full-circle moment in Knight‘s life as a person and poet. Knight found his grounding in poetry during his prison sentence—a discovery that would go on to change the trajectory and purpose of his life. His ability to help Ta’Zya shows the depth of the impact of his poetry: it goes beyond words and publications. Knight’s dedication to his craft, even in the midst of some of the lowest points in his life, inspires others and gives them the audacity to imagine themselves as whoever they choose to be. They reimagine their own identities and they gain this agency through the power of poetry—an imaginative undefined space that encourages exploration of others and the self.

*****Go to "View More"  to read the rest of the 5 page letter from Tacum Abdul Halim Ta'zya

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