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Free People’s Poetry and Prose Workshop Flier, 1983 Sessions

Knight not only created poetry that reflected his experience as a Black man but also encouraged others and poured energy back into the community by engaging in conversations and workshops. 

Knight appreciated the fact that putting traumas, fears, and experiences down on paper to share with the world is a timeless and underappreciated talent. His very essence, his very being, and his very survival were all the result of his deep dedication to creating beauty through language.

This flier announces the first of what Knight called the Free Peoples’ Poetry Workshops. Through these workshops Knight was able to create an inclusive mix of readers, writers, and students interested in poetry who worked together as a community.

In creating this workshop, Knight earned the recognition and respect of many other prominent artists because they could see past his shortcomings and vices and realized that he embodied his art. 

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